Heavy and Light

Yesterday my favorite non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms hosted an evening called ‘Heavy and Light’. It’s an evening of songs, conversation and hope. An evening where there can be talked about pain and struggle, but also about hope and recovery. Between the heavy poems and conversations there is music and there is laughter and hope. It is heavy and it is light. It is crying and it is smiling. It is beautiful.
People come on stage and share their story in the most beautiful and creative ways: poems, songs,  raps, conversations. It’s amazing to see people be so honest and it’s amazing to see how people react to that honesty: they start sharing too. They feel less alone. They connect.

This is something a girl named Renee Yohe (the girl whose story started all of this) said during this night:
”My story is messy and I’m learning every day. I make mistakes. I’m still learning to accept that grace and that compassion that we offer so rarely to other people, that that’s for me too. That I am allowed. And you are allowed. Where ever you’re at in your story: please know that you are allowed to be. And you don’t have to change it, you don’t have to dismiss or invalidate the pain and the dark parts and the broken parts in order to be. ” – Renee Yohe

It personally touched my soul, because she is right. It’s such a common thing: people seem to dismiss or invalidate the heavy parts of themselves. But why should you? Like she says: you’re allowed to be. Every part of you. You don’t have to be perfect in order to be. If you take anything from this blog and from that night, let it be that. And you also don’t have to fake it: be sad when you’re sad, be happy when you’re happy. Just be. Just be.

Watching this event got me so inspired. Something they said was: ”reach out your hand if you need help, but also reach out your hand to give help.” I try to reach out my hand to as many people as I can. I love to hear their honesty, I love to lend them that hand to help them pull on through. I wish I could do more for everyone though, because I’m afraid that I don’t do enough. I know so many people who are hurting, but I feel like I can’t reach them. They don’t talk to me, or anyone for that matter. They go through their pain alone and I really wish they didn’t. I wish I could find a way to make them feel comfortable and safe enough to talk. I wish I could make them feel less alone, because I want them to know they’re not alone.
I also realized I need to ask for help more myself. I need to be honest more, even though I find it really hard. I know I am not alone and you aren’t either. Please, just hold out your hand. ❤

if you’re interested in watching the whole event, here is a link to the live stream: Heavy and Light 2017

I am always here if you want to talk x


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