Gender neutrality?

I want to start by saying I am NOT an LGBTQ+ hater. Not at all, actually. If someone comes up to me and says: ‘I’m trans’. I’ll just be like okay, whatever. I’ll never judge your skin colour, your sexuality or anything like that. I’ll judge you on your personality: if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. I honestly couldn’t care less if your black, or gay or trans or whatever. That does not define you. Your personality does.

I am, however, pissed at certain group of people who make it their mission to make everything a problem. I have an example to explain myself:

Louise Pentland is a youtuber who is pregnant and made a video called ‘It’s a…. Gender reveal!’. Some people got mad at her because of the title and started attacking Louise.
Someone said: What if the baby doesnt have a gender? Or a fluid one? Maybe you (Louise) could let them decide when they grow up’’.
This person also said Louise shouldn’t call the baby a girl, but call it ’them’ instead. Because the person feels like using the term girl will make the baby feel the need to act like a girl (like play with dolls, wear dresses).

This baby isn’t even born yet. If the baby ever feels like it doesn’t feel like it is supposed to be a she, than the baby will say so. And Louise will love her child no matter what. That’s how it supposed to be. The solution is educating people. The solution is breaking the stigma, so that people KNOW about these things so that once their child has made up their mind about gender, parents will just accept the baby for who they are.

I am just tired of these discussion. It feels like we’re always offending someone. This is not the way to go. Changing the worlds vocabulary into gender neutrality isn’t going to make everyone happy. I for example wouldn’t like to be called ‘them’. Another person doesn’t like to be called ‘him’. That’s fine. Tell me how you want to be called and I will call you that. It doesn’t have to be such a big deal and there shouldn’t be so many arguments about it.


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